The Singularity Podcast

Episode 95: MSB

March 19, 2021

The Singularity Podcast Episode 95: MSB

How ya doin?...are you hanging in there?...rolling with the punches?...excellent!...well then...why don't you grab your coffee and saddle up for the next hour or so...where outsider artist and musician Michael Bostwick sits down for some talk...some music...and maybe another cup of coffee...go ahead...grab your coffee...we will wait right here for you...


The Singularity Podcast For over 30 years, Michael J. Bostwick has been an active outsider artist. Michael J. Bostwick is a musician, recording artist, record label owner, author, music producer, painter, poet and Guinness World Record holder among many other things. The Singularity Podcast is a venue for Mr. Bostwick to share his various responses and several utterances regarding the human condition and the world as he sees it.


Michael Stanley Band videos:

"He Can't Love You"

"My Town"

Appearance on American Bandstand


"Falling In Love Again"

"Baby If You Want To Dance" Produced by Mutt Lange

Random Fan Video

Live at The Blossom Music Center

Excellent wrap up of Michael Stanley's entire career


Websites: Twitter: Soundcloud: Free Music Archive: Youtube Channel: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon:


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