The Singularity Podcast

Episode 113 Is Winter? Is Coming? Is Trump?

September 9, 2022

The Singularity Podcast Episode 113: Is Winter? Is Coming? Is Trump?

Welcome to the Singularity Podcast...Welcome to the Monachine...grabba grabba a...just add water and enjoy...100% guaranteed or your money back? this the is in the is world insane?...

For over 30 years, Michael J. Bostwick has been an active outsider artist. Michael J. Bostwick is a musician, recording artist, record label owner, author, music producer, painter, poet and Guinness World Record holder among many other things. The Singularity Podcast is a venue for Mr. Bostwick to share his various responses and several utterances regarding the human condition and the world as he sees it. Did Buzz Aldrin admit we never went to the moon? Websites: Twitter: Soundcloud: Free Music Archive: Youtube Channel: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon:

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