The Singularity Podcast

Episode 1: The Treatise (2021)

July 1, 2021

The Singularity Podcast Episode 1: The Treatise (2021)

The original version of The Singularity Podcast Episode 1: The Treatise was released on September 29 2017 but due to copyright claim issues the episode was blocked in several countries around the world...In 2021 the episode has been re edited and rereleased making it available for everyone everywhere to enjoy...


The Original description (from September 29 2017) Michael J. Bostwick launching his new podcast...planting his flag...stating his position...renouncing some...announcing some...and as always...saying it anyway...


The Singularity Podcast For over 30 years, Michael J. Bostwick has been an active outsider artist. Michael J. Bostwick is a musician, recording artist, record label owner, author, music producer, painter, poet and Guinness World Record holder among many other things. The Singularity Podcast is a venue for Mr. Bostwick to share his various responses and several utterances regarding the human condition and the world as he sees it. Websites: Twitter: Soundcloud: Free Music Archive: Youtube Channel: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon:

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